Monday, March 8, 2010

memos from a messy mom

first off, i thought i'd share a couple of sneak peeks of a mini album i made for a the scrap review article, that will go live wednesday, on some fun new albums by a new company called punky sprouts. i'm pretty sure that was a major run on sentence. (my friend susan is probably busy typing me up an email about my poor grammar as we speak!) check out the article on wednesday for the all of the details on this fun new company.




last night i was flipping through my march issue of real simple magazine, and came across a great little article on working moms. i generally skip over these types of articles because i generally consider myself a stay-at-home mom, although staying at home is rarely a part of it. i guess it's that the term "working mom" conjures up images of women in suits heading out to their professional-type job. so in my own little world i haven't been what i considered a working mom. all that to say, i read this little article. (that took a lot just to say that! i don't blame you if you quit now. lol) focus noel, focus! this article 10 secrets of an unflappable working mom struck me as sweet, funny and oh so true.

how many times a day to i look at the amazing moms i run across and think... man, if i could only accomplish half of the things she does, i'd be set! enter: secret #5 getting out the door in the morning (without anyone in tears) is the only thing you have to achieve before 8:30am. i have a dirty little secret i'd like to throw in (whatever condition you were in when you got out of the door) no one gets everything done before getting out that door in the morning. i cannot say that i get out the door without anyone in tears everyday - i'm shooting for about 50-50 right now. there are almost always dishes in the sink, laundry piled up and unmade beds. often it's a mad rush, and i hope to head out with two of each backpacks, lunches and kids. however, i only seem to notice these super shortcomings in myself, while projecting perfection on others. funny how that is.

but when it all comes down to it, we're all in roughly the same boat. women who wear lots of different hats, who are great successes in one area while falling short in others. while arming myself with some new found secrets, i'm trying to keep in mind that i am blessed to be surrounded by many amazing perfectly imperfect "working" moms who are just trying to get out the door without anyone in tears - just like me.

still, i am ever inspired by my friend jennifer, who is able to juggle so many things she should be in a circus. she is a wonderful mom to her three kids, a great wife to her husband, has both vegetable and flower gardens, helps at youth group, hosts a bible study at their house, home schools her kiddos, hosts a fabulous bbq's and even finds time to make super cute crafties. she has a tender heart, an unbeatable sense of humor and can work a comical movie quote into almost any conversation. she has more motivation in her pinkie than i have in my entire being. we have been friends long enough (10 years, i think) to have seen each other through the highs and lows of accomplishment and defeat, with make up and with bed head, and through many sizes of jeans. through every phase, she's been someone i aspire to be like. i am blessed to have a real mom, to share the joys of motherhood over coffee whenever time and sniffly noses permit. thanks for being a daily inspiration jennifer, not to mention the laughs when neither of us get out the door without anyone in tears!

 as for being famously and regularly behind on getting my 365 pictures up, i have only myself to blame (and perhaps netflix for providing me with a project runway marathon of movies this weekend.) but we did get out in the great outdoors via our backyard this weekend. the thermostat kicked up to somewhere in the low 60's which was apparently just enough for emma to believe that shorts, tank tops and bare feet were warranted. i would have frozen my tush off, but then i wasn't running around having a stick-sword magic battle with my sister either. i'm not sure my sister would go for that, i've got a pretty mean stick-sword swing. :) 

quite possibly the best part of spring is what happens with all of the blooming flowers outside. kid bouquets! torrey made me this little arrangement all by herself in a little recycled plastic container. it's one of the best mom gifts of the season!


it's certainly easy to tell which of the girls is still eating up having her picture turn up as the 365 shot of the day. funny how it changes from year to year. lately she's been into wearing scarves like uncle jason. she has a couple of her own, then pillages my room for more options.



last night, after procrastinating until after bedtime to get a picture of the day, i borrowed a picture of the day idea from my friend may. i grabbed my current favorite perfume and snapped a few shots. i quite often enjoy the irony of spritzing this on while getting ready for church. hee hee. they make one called saint, too... but this one smells better! lol.

oh! i wanted to add, thank you so much for all of the tips added on my tired post. as per suggestions, i picked up a bottle of vitamin d, and so far, so good. thanks again!!! :)

to finish i wanted to share the last line in the article i enjoyed so much...
"you are one person, indivisible, who just happens to wear many hats. and while i get that the weight of all those hats can wear you down, at least be happy you've got something important to do."


Veronica said...

Woman, I'm with ya on the "many hats." Glad you are doing better!
As usual, your work is FABULOUS!

Chrispea said...

What's funny is when I worked out of the house I was far more organized... I guess you have to be. Now that I work from home, I think I can do that later! But, I am much happier, and that's all that matters. Happy mommies = happy kiddos.

Tracy said...

Before I comment I have to say that Chrispea summed up most of what I wanted to say! I so agree!

Great post Noel. Love the pics, and I may just borrow the perfume pic as I am struggling for pic of the day inspiration - my 2 seem to have camera phobia these days.

thanks for the continuing inspiration.

Jackie said...

What a sweet tribute to your friends, and really moms everywhere. I try daily to balance mommihood w/ my "other" full time job as teacher - I try to leave the guilt behind...some days it's easier than others! LOL! Three Cheers for all moms everywhere who make it through the day.


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