Friday, February 12, 2010

{with love}

a kiss to build a dream on

another valentine's day is almost upon us. i remember years ago when i was probably 20, my friend cami and i served desserts at our all staff devotions wearing black in honor of valentine's day. we were mostly being funny, being part of a handful of singles in a mostly married group of staff. funny how things change as the years go by. poor cami got sick later that day, and somehow years later this is a memory that's always stuck with me and gives me a chuckle every time i think of it.

so here we are valentine's weekend, with our sweet valentine man on the other side of the world. not that it bothers me terribly. i mean, after having missed bigger dates you learn live with life through moments rather than dates. so here's to the moments of life!

this year our valentine memories will be made visiting my brother. before we left i wanted post a couple of projects i made for lasting memories using some of the making memories love notes line.

a kiss to build a dream on detail 

more than the moon

more than the moon detail


one last little 365 add before we head out. that way i'm all caught up just in time to get behind again!
have a fabulous valentine's day filled with 
magic little moments that last a lifetime!


Scrappy Girl said...

Have a great trip! Love your 365 again this year. I am doing it this year fun! Happy Valentine's Day!

Weddings With The Cricut said...

Absolutely gorgeous

Chrispea said...

Cute, cute. Love them both. Have a great trip!!

Keshka said...

Gorgeous pages!

Camilla Blue said...

Hee hee! Whenever Valentine's Day comes around I remember the SAME one.

Your layouts (as always) are awesome! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me, dear friend.

Have a great time with your brother!! (J ?)

Cydil Waggoner said...

Noel -- Great pics demonstrating the dimension and texture of your pages! (and great page designs, too!) ;-)

Luv2talk said...

Thanks for the close-ups. Nice detail! Lvoe the title and the use of the KISS TICKET. COOL!



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