Saturday, February 6, 2010

mom moments:

the good, the bad and the ones your kids will probably share with their therapist someday.

is there anything so perfectly imperfect than being a mom? it's a power position, a comedy routine, a pressure cooker, a joy... and everything in between. i often wonder which parts i'm getting right, and which parts i'll wish i'd done differently. but in God's great wisdom, he's only given us one shot at getting it. i think it's quoted well in one of my favorite books, "So I fumble along as best I can, now good, now bad, and I hope generally fair-to-middling."

it is very likely that my kids will grow up with some sort of camera/photo complex from having so many of the wee moments of their lives documented. i sometimes wonder how it will shape them later on... will they never pick up a camera or will they document each moment as obsessively? or better still, will they have some other sort of complex i have yet to think of. one never knows, i guess. so i continue documenting and journaling, making mistakes as i go. some good, some bad, and i hope generally fair-to-middling.

2010_0205 spelling bee
and as for school, today was a big day. torrey was in the school spelling bee. she did great, and i am (as always) so proud. she didn't win, but sometimes that's for the best. for a little soul who so desperately wants to make people proud and happy, riding the roller coaster of winning and losing is a hard ride. it is, though, one of those things that makes your heart that much more compassionate, that much stronger. in life we don't always get to win, even when we work hard. but that doesn't stop us from working hard, from trying hard things nor from cheering our friends on when we're on the sidelines. she did beautifully.

as i watched her console one of her friends, who missed a word, silently and sweetly, my heart was beaming. as far as this mama's concerned she makes me both proud and happy, even when she's not trying...  especially when she's not trying.

on the lighter side of school life, emma brought home a little paper on their study of 3D shapes and their real-life examples. of course, there was the glass for the cylinder, ice for the cubes, a ball for the sphere, a tent for the 3D triangle and a party hat for the cone... then well, there was the coffin for the rectangular prism. complete with dead guy with x's for eyes.

where do they get these things? i'm going with the magic tree house book she just finished reading, mummies in the morning. but then i wouldn't be surprised it it were some other funny bit that brought it to her mind at that moment. either way, there was a definite suppression of the giggles that were erupting deep inside. i love that girl!

and just for kicks, i'll finish out this post (that i've now written twice since blogger freaked out on me when i clicked publish post last time) with one more quote from the little prince that i love...
"All grown-ups were children once, although few of them remember it"


Tracey Locher said...

Spectacular, as always! You put "Motherhood" so well... and I also wonder what "conditions" we are creating in our photographic torture of our kids... in the end, I think they will have some issues... as we all do... but they will also know how much we loved them, they will have their memories to share with their kids, and they won't forget us when we are gone. I'd say it's worth it! ;-)

AngMomof3 said...

HA! The "cofen"! My third grader has read ALL the Magic Tree House books and loves them. Have you and your girls found any other series that's a bit similar to get my daughters reading?

Jennifer said...

Love the cofen, I am always amazed what comes home in their papers...I would rather give them something to talk about in therapy, than wonder what they will talk about in therapy. LOL..


Farm Girl in MD said...

As a teacher, I had to laugh so hard at the coffin!!! Many teachers I know (me included) actually keep copies of things like that. I have a "chuckle file" I pull out when I need a smile.

Camilla Blue said...

Loved Emma's rectangular prism! Hee hee!

And of course I smiled that the quote from The Little Prince. It brings back such fond, fond memories. Made me miss you, my dear friend! We need to catch up sometime.


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