Wednesday, January 6, 2010

it's just the beginning 2010 and i'm already behind!

honestly, i haven't dropped off the face of the earth, i was just hiding in a land of no wifi! the girls and i spent a week at my brother's house in colorado. it was, of course, a fabulous trip all around... minus one misadventure on the drive home. since i'm still working on editing a couple weeks worth of pictures, i'll just go through my last few weeks briefly.

my baby brother, jason, flew out for a visit on dec 18th. then on dec 22, my other brother, dave, and his new wife kaori flew out from japan. we celebrated a family christmas with all four of the kids from my family together for the first time in years! i have a some pictures up here. my brother's wife is a doll! how great is it to meet her for the first time with the whole family (except stan {frownie face}) there.

on christmas day jason, the girls and i set off in the car for the 20 hour drive to jason's house. the girls were troopers with only to-be-expected sibling seat rivalry on the way. and lucky for them, they slept for about 10 hours of the drive... which is more than i can say for jason & i. we ended the long drive at jason's house and bummed around until dave & kaori flew into town later that evening. the next few days were a whirlwind of shopping, skiing, sightseeing and the lot. i just managed to get an album up of the pictures from my trip this afternoon. i feel so behind! the album is here, taking me all the way from 12.26 to 01.02. now if i can just choose one picture from each day, i can finish out my 365 pictures and make myself a photobook for the year!  hurray!

and i'll share our misadventure story from the trip home soon. hopefully tomorrow. now i've got to figure out what in the world i'm going to do for emma's birthday in two days! how does life slip by so quickly?

oh! i know i said something the other day about wanting to share the song that my brother in law wrote & sang at our wedding 10+ years ago. did i say that? i know i was thinking about it anyway! well, he was kind enough to set up a link online so i could share it. stan & i got married and two weeks later he headed out on his first deployment with the navy. my brother in law wrote this song, that still makes me cry, and sums up the crazy life we live. i was thinking about it over christmas... just how much it still rings true. i am one lucky girl! you can listen to the song here.

{edited to add the rest of the p365 pics from 2009}


santa's little helpers

my brothers

the girls on christmas eve

christmas morning

my brother's pug dog

the girls & uncle jason
{somewhere during the year my count got off, at this point i think i'm just going to let it be}

our first skiing trip ever

our visit with the jewetts

downtown denver with uncle jason

a new year's eve kiss for her sister

my sister in law, kaori


Whippet said...

Beautiful song; thanks for sharing it!

Carol's Chatterbox said...

What a wonderful family! Love following your blog during the help me get my fill of pink since my house if full of boys!!! Best wishes in the new year.

Sandy said...

What a beautiful song Noel! Thanks for sharing. Glad to see you back blogging! I forgot it was the holidays and you were probably away, which you were.
Love that pug photo, how cute!!
Happy New Year!


Shannon said...

Will you be doing Project 365 this year too? I would love to see pictures of your photobook once it is complete. I decided to do 365 this year and I think this is the route I will go and would love to see how you put it together.

Happy New Year!


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