Monday, December 7, 2009

taking time to stop

 Supplies:  Patterned Paper: Joyce Paul, Familiy Ties Kit,; embellishments: Fei Fei’s Stuff, Familie Ties Kit,; fonts: Nasty,  Lombardic, Courier New

i was in the mood to do a little digi work by the fire the other day. the whole scene seemed so peaceful... my fuzzy lamb slippers and sweats lounging by the fire. time to go hunting through pictures to find one that would match the quiet peacefulness of the the late night. so here it is. the end result of a mellow winter night. a summer photo that seemed to fit the mood somehow just perfectly.

i took a little time to read the first installment of stephanie nielson's story as told by an arizona reporter who reconstructed the story of the plane crash. i cried. i was thankful, and parts of me don't know what to think. i cannot image all that she and her family have been through. but she is a beautiful person. her blog inspires me and reminds me of just how precious a gift each day really is. we are all so very blessed.

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Erica said...

Have you ever considered doing some tutorials for photoshop? I have elements 6 and really want to use it to scrapbook, but I have no idea where to start. Your pages are so beautiful! I cry whenever I read stephanie's story too! She is so amazing and so is her family.

Tina said...

This layout is great, Noel. I love it!!!



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