Sunday, August 2, 2009

catching up... sort of

catching up... sort of

wow, what a week. i touched down in seattle friday afternoon. my phone was dead because i forgot to turn it off on the flight. as soon as i got down to baggage, i plugged it into the nearest outlet. as soon as i plugged it in and turned it on i got a call from stan. he'd just found out he made chief (it's a navy thing). anyway, that's big news for him. so after the next 6 weeks of initiation, they'll have a big ceremony... then i'm sure we'll have a party! :)

stan's parents got into town about 2 hours after i got home. so we're still hoppin' around our place. gearing up for the start of chief initiation, in-law visit & all of the rest of regular life stuff.

i picked up a new lensbaby while i was at cha for a steal. the first chance i had to mess around with it was in my hotel room. so while i should have been packing, i was playing. i did eventually get my packing done, however i still need to practice with my lens. so i'm sure there will be plenty more 365 shots with it. :)

spent wednesday working the cha show floor. taking pictures, doing interviews and whatnot. of course, a good part of the day were spent oohing and awing over the quickutz letterpress system & the provo craft gypsy. i've got a bunch of show pictures up on my flickr page, and i'll be adding more in the next few days.

tuesday i helped the ever fabulous glitz girls take pre-orders. who doesn't love hanging with great friends and loads of goodies?

took this shot at this amazing little italian restaurant we stumbled upon while looking for a different restaurant. we sat outside & enjoyed the view of a lake and a sunset.

as soon as i can manage to recover from sleeping 11 hours in 5 days, i'll get more pictures up. i have several posted here, if you're dying to see. :)


joscelyne cutchens said...

congratulations *(again) to the chief select!
I'd love to hear your take on the lensbaby, I don't get it. It does a focused area like the selective focus on the camera only quicker to shift the area in focus, right?

Shanon said...

Congrats to your husband! I remember when my husband became a Senior NCO in the AF and that was a big deal. When you make Chief in the AF you have to carry a Jeep around with you for a month and it is your duty to make sure NOTHING happens to it. So everyone tries to steal it and if they do you very well may get a pink Jeep back!

Tina said...

Congratulations, Stan!!!! Noel, it looks like you had a great time. Once things slow down for you, we will have to catch up!!


Amy said...

congrats to stan and your whole family... how awesome for you!!
thanks for sharing your cha pics noel, totally loving it!!

HeatherC said...

It was nice to meet you in person Noel, at the Glitz pre-show party. Get some rest. And congrats to your husband on his promotion.


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