Monday, April 20, 2009


we had the most amazing spring day today. sunny and in the 70's. and if you're from washington, that's shorts & tank top weather! after school, the girls and i had a snack picnic out on the grass and soaked in some good old vitamin d.

i liked how the picture of the day turned out with torrey looking like a renoir painting. a cool bonus from focusing on the dandelion. the girls picked all of the wishing flowers out of the yard and blew them everywhere. after which emma said, "i love the blow these wishing flowers because in awhile they'll make more wishing flowers, for us to blow and make even more wishing flowers." a grown up's weeds are often a child's happy little wish come true. gotta love seeing life through their eyes!

emma & her wishing flower. i was hoping to get the seeds flying off more clearly, but i'm sure with all of the dandelions that will be growing from their wishes, i'll have plenty more opportunities to catch the magic moments. :)

oh, and don't forget to enter on yesterday's post for the giveaway. stan & i are loving reading everyone's answers. i'll draw a name on wednesday for the tinymeat card holder. i'm hoping to make a quick album with one of them tomorrow too. i need some updated pictures for my purse. :D


PaTtY_hAlL said...

I love the pic of Torrey. It truly does look like Renoir style. Today really was a picture perfect day!

Tina said...

My kiddos love this, too. Right now, Natalie has been picking whole bouquets of "daisies" for me, every morning and evening that we go walk up to pick Ander up. They will both be excited once they start turning :-)

Anonymous said...

Wish Fairy Blossoms! I have a Natalie, too. She picks me bouquets of dandelions also! I blogged about that on Friday. We went to the zoo yesterday, it was so great to be out in the great weather, and a bonus (for us), there weren't any field trips because the gov. schools are testing this week. Looks like we get one more sunny warm day today, before we go back to normal!

Abby said...

Wow! Stunning photos. Loving those messy hairdos!


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