Thursday, April 30, 2009

wednesdays & thursdays

i didn't get my pictures up last night since i fell asleep on my couch on accident. oops. so i'm going to flood today's post with loads of pictures from yesterday and today. anyway, i was playing around with panning while emma was riding her bike yesterday afternoon, and after a lot of blurry pictures, i struck gold on this baby (at least i really like it).

panning how-to
focus your camera on your subject that's moving in a predictable pattern. staying focused on the subject follow them with your camera taking pictures while they're moving. you should keep your subject in the same place in your frame as you move your camera. *side note* if your shutter speed is too fast, it'll be harder to get a blur. :)

figured i'd get another shot of a fun hairdo. i modified it from one i saw on this site... which i was linked to from this site. it looks a little on the ratty side since i took the picture after a full day of playing & hanging at school. i just love the blogging community. there are so many amazing moms that share their fabulous talents with the world through blogging! i think that's pretty dang cool.

are you ever too old to fly through the air via your daddy's arms? i really don't think so! although they're getting a little harder on the back. lol

figured it was a good time to get another picture of my other little princess today. man, i still can't get over how much her glasses have changed her sweet little look into a tween-ie sort of look. i guess, according to online dictionaries, she technically IS a tween! how did that happen so fast? stan tells them that they don't have permission to grow anymore. and they respond, "we can't! God makes us grow!" :)

today emma came home from school upset because apparently some boys told her to "be quiet". she has such a sensitive spirit, she was just devastated. so when i was getting my picture of the day torrey said, "hey mom, get a picture of me with my muscles and write, 'don't mess with my sister' on it in photoshop." i just thought it was so dang cute. what good sisters they are!

stan the yard man decided he was going to burn our dead pompous grass bushes instead of painstakingly hacking them apart. after a call to the fire dept to make sure that was ok, he went to town. he looked like a kid in a candy shop setting those babies on fire. ah smell the testosterone... and smoke. :)


Stan said...

Great set of pics honey. They are smokin'. I'd almost say that they are "on fire!"

Scrappy Girl said...

I love the bike pic...I haven't taken the dandelion photo we talked about on has rained every day since the chat! LOL!

Christie said...

Great pics Noel! I love the one with Emma on the bike. How did you get that one?

Abby said...

Fantastic bike shot! Details, please! wink, wink!

designingdms said...

I love the bike photo. How did you get that one? I am just learning how to use my new Nikon D60.

noel joy said...

okey dokey, i added a how-to under the panning picture on this post! it takes a bit of practice, but it's a really fun one!

Anonymous said...

love it all.
so inspired by the panning thing, but i'm suspecting it'll be as hard as panning for gold :)
thanks for sharing!
p.s. give emma a great big hug. i'm so glad she has a sister like that.

collin said...

nice try on the 4th pic down Stan...I can totally see the cable's holding her up.

Becky said...

Wow, that bike shot is amazing. Great photos!

Jennifer said...

Your photo's are great, daily inspiration to get better pictures....and boys and fire...need I say more! LOL.


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