Thursday, April 16, 2009

special focus: creativity

my new how magazine came in the mail today. i loved the color and the focus of the magazine. focusing on getting creative & doing things with your hands. there were some great little how to's on screen printing, block printing and stenciling that have me tempted to pick up a few different kinds of paints and go to town.

since my water was shut off today while they did some work on the line, i figured it was a good day to explore some local boutique stores a shop lady told me about the other day. and lucky me, i found hoity toity. they have the coolest store. super cool shirts, jewlery and gifts! and you can shop their cute stuff online, too.

i mean, seriously are these squishy baby heels the cutest thing ever, or what?! i just want sombody to have a baby girl so i can get them as a gift! i just love finding cool locally owned stores to explore. this one is on my new list of must-frequent-often shops!


Dee said...

OMgoodness...these shoes are adorable! I wish we had little "boutiques" around here, that would be a blast to go exploring these places! Love your blog!

Scrappy Girl said...

Ok those shoes are the cutest...I am gonna go visit their site. Thanks for sharing!

Emilie Ahern said...

Wait....which magazine is that?

noel joy said...

emilie, it's HOW magazine. it's a graphic design magazine. this particular one had some fun how to stuff in it.


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