Sunday, April 26, 2009

new friends & annual fun

i met a new friend this weekend! i was out at warm beach camp taking pictures for the first of their two annual women's retreats. this beautiful lady, thelma wells, is the speaker this year. she's got such a lovely heart and an amazing story. we sat and enjoyed a couple of meals together this weekend, and i just love her to death! :) i can't wait to see her again this next weekend. if you're in the area, and would like to see her... i'm pretty sure they've still got a few spots open. you can register here for overnight or commuting.

while i was out getting pics, i figured i'd get some updated high ropes course shots. and you know it's not flattering taking a picture of someone from 35 feet below looking up. so up i went with my camera in tow to get a few from a better vantage point. this was the only shot i got of myself...
today i snapped a quick pic between catching up on projects of emma in her i-wanna-be-like-dad dress up outfit. too too cute!


Sara Ancich said...

What a beautiful gal that Thelma is...and how in the world did you do ropes in those darling shoes? Pure talent.

Tina said...

How did you get up there in those heels, you silly girl. I am really looking forward to this weekend!!!

okanogangirl said...

awesome pics - I cannot believe you climbed the rope course in those shoes!

Anonymous said...

how do you get so much stuff done AND make a heart braid in your daughters hair AND make sure the dress matches AND blog all these fun goodies for us!!??!!!
also, you mentioned on twitter that you work. where do you work? what type of work? not to be nosy, but serioulsy how do you do it???
i glad you do tho! :)

Felicia said...

I love Thelma Wells! I enjoyed her at a Women of Faith Conference a few years back! How fun!

Jackie said...

Some day when I am at a good weight I will let you take me up there :)

noel joy said...

i kind of got a laugh out of your post, because i feel like i never get anything done! lol.

i do work, but only 2-3 hours a week for weight watchers. i'm not sure where the whole stay at home part of stay at home mom went! we're always running around. :D

but really, i don't sleep much. that way i can run around being a mommy & get some fun scrapping done at night! :D

noel joy said...

mom, you tell me a time, and i'll make it happen. that would be a dream to go up there with you. really!

Anonymous said...

thats really cool working for weightwatchers. i participate in the plan on a very 'sketchy' basis. :)
but you really do get lots done. look at all the layouts you show us, the reviews, the cards you made, the trips you do, the fun things you do with your girls. it's LOTS! you go girl! :)


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