Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter

with all of the prep for having a big family easter celebration at our house today, i didn't quite get around to posting my pic yesterday. we dyed eggs - most of which we polished off today. we cleaned our church yesterday morning (several groups take turns cleaning each month, this is our month)... and spent the rest of the day at home as a family. i just love those afternoons.

the girls were so thrilled about dying eggs. emma helped me hard boil them. counting how many we started with, subtracting the one that leaked out during the boiling, and the one that cracked transferring them to the cold water. this year they picked their dye colors and worked with just their two colors. funny how the decide their little rules for living. :)

this we went to church for the easter service. we were late as usual, doesn't seem to matter when church starts, we're always there late. someday we'll get it together. well, when i say we, i mean me, since i get 3 people ready... and stan's running out of hair to do. lol. but what could be better than celebrating the risen Lord? really not much!

after church, before the rest of the extended family came over, the girls were trying to figure out whether the weather would hold back the rain long enough to have the egg hunt outside. no dice. it started pouring right around the time the daddies were getting ready to hide the eggs. so we sent the kids to torrey's room, and hid them all over the house.

each cousin had their own color of egg. it was fun hiding eggs with my grandma. she hid easter eggs for my siblings and me until we were in high school... not to mention the two SUPER hidden eggs she'd hide for my dad (when we were in high school). we're talking the kind of easter egg hunt that involves seam ripping and unscrewing vents. :) none of that this year at our house, but it was fun hiding eggs for my kids with someone who'd made it so special for me growing up. thanks grandma.

hope you had a wonderful easter!


Sara Ancich said...

Sounds like a memorable day. The girls looked adorable, as usual. Dying eggs never gets old. We did about 60 eggs this

Veronica said...

How FUN! Hiding easter eggs is always fun! no matter how old! ;-)
Glad ya'll made the best.

Camilla Blue said...

Cute dresses. I love that color blue. I'd not thought of having an egg color for each cousin. That's a great idea. I always disliked egg hunts where the aggressive kids (or older kids) found all the eggs. I'm going to take that idea...

luv2talk said...

Just checking in...thanks for the peek into your Easter.


Anonymous said...

Oh it was so-so rainy yesterday. I didn't even get to do outside pics of my children, as it was drizzling, then right after church it was just a soaking down pour! The sun did make a brief appearance about 7PM though - a little to late!

Joy Pearcy said...

Love the of cute!! And I loved your article on the scrap review...great job!! You rock! Hope all is well up there!


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