Thursday, March 19, 2009

kicking myself

kicking myself

i got this pic of torrey in the afternoon breeze after school today. i love it. she's beautiful, as always... though too grown up looking. she's going through this toothless smile phase right now. must be the age. so many changes at 8 years old!

i could kick myself for not bringing my camera when i went to visit a friend of mine down in ballard today. it's such a cool city (just north of seattle). she just moved their recently, and i got to see her new place & neighborhood. i just can't believe i forgot the camera! i left it on the counter on my way out the door. grrrr. next time i guess. she lives within walking disance of so many cool shops and sights. i'll be sure to bring it next time.

oh, and thanks for all of the comments over at tsr (the scrap review). it meant a lot to see so many blogging friends over there! thank you, thank you!!!


Veronica said...

I just LOVE TSR! Your article was PERFECT!! Definitely helps. Can't wait for more!
Now you have another excuse to go and visit your friend! ;-)

Cassie said...

What a beautiful photo of Torrey! I can relate to the changes. Sophie is 8 also and the teeth are filling in so she doesn't look as 'picket fency' as she did earlier.

Liana said...

Ballard has this awesome place called RED MILL BURGERS. *THE BEST* ( I'm hungry!) but caution - cash/check only!


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