Tuesday, March 31, 2009

wanna hang, man?

wanna hang, man?

i was hanging with emma this afternoon in her room - that has stayed clean for more than a week straight. she wanted to play hangman on her white board, so i gladly obliged. now, i will mention that the hooked on phonics stage does make hangman a little tougher. in this world of hangman, you spell awesome with 4 letters... osum. so you've gotta be on your toes, or you'll be hanging from your neck!

you've gotta love having a 6' x 8' white board in your room... how fun would that have been as a kid?! love her little pictures. makes you feel special to see her mommy & me pics. melts my mommy heart.
when she got tired of hangman, it was coloring time. while i took some pictures of her new chandelier i picked up at a vintage/flea market boutique last week. so very princess-like. :)


Sara Ancich said...

What color is the wall paint in her room...it is so pretty.

Also, the best 4 letter word for Hangman is "exit". It stumps them everytime. No one thinks to guess "x", right?

Scrappy Girl said...

Gorgeous chandelier...my 2 little ones would love the huge dry erase board!


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