Tuesday, March 17, 2009

going green {literally}

going green

happy st. patrick's day. hope you had as much green fun as we did today. for dinner we went for the all green all the time dinner. green mashed potatoes (that looked a little too much like play dough), green pork chops, salad with all green veggies, and green beans enhanced with green coloring. something tells me that consuming this much green food coloring in one meal may have interesting outcomes, but it was a fun little change of pace. we have pistachio pudding for dessert, too.
this afternoon i took a drive by myself to enjoy the sunshine that decided to make an appearance today. i caught several thousand snow geese in a farm field honking away. so i pulled off to the side of the shoulder-less road (the local farmers aren't fond of people doing this) to get a quick picture. it's such a cool thing, and one of those things that always *honks* spring to me. (sorry, i'm so lame. i can't help it.) while i was out i got a call from emma's teacher telling me about quick party they were having. so i zipped over there to get some pics.

i could kick myself because i had a camera/computer uploading hiccup, and didn't check to see if all of the pictures were there before i reformatted my memory card. i lost about 10 of my pictures... and 10 that were really darn cute, too. :( a good reminder to double and triple check before reformatting. darn it.

the sun hung around long enough for stan to wash the cars this afternoon. nothin' like a good lookin' guy (who you get to be married to) washing cars out in your driveway. pretty hot, even if it was still pretty darn cold outside.

be sure to check back tomorrow for the winner of the glitz giveaway & check out the scrap review tomorrow for my first review there. :)


Sarah said...

WOW - that picture in the field is crazy...crazy cool! The green food, though, I don't know if I could mentally do it LOL! Happy St. Patty's Day!

Anonymous said...

Your St. Pat day dinner reminds me of when I was growing up we would go to my aunts for she would do the green thing ... well maybe not everything green. She would make bread and tint it green, and make turtle salad (pear half (canned), covered/iced with tinted green cream cheese, cloves for the turtles eyes) served on a lettuce leaf.

A lot of memories your children will talk about, even when they are as old as I am lol!

Northern VA

~ Kim ~ said...

Noel I had the same hiccup and lost my son's honor roll breakfast pictures! I am so bummed!! It looked like it unloaded properly but when I went to edit the pictures there was only one in the folder!! I don't even know what else I lost ... sigh. Sorry to hear the same thing happened to you.

Tina said...

Great pictures, Noel. I can't believe you had that much sun yesterday. Not even close for us down here. :-(

The picture of the snow geese is great!!


Anonymous said...

Yah, Snow Geese!!! That was probably the biggest thrill when we went up to the tuplips last year! Spring must surely be around the corner!!

Vanessa (aka V, Nessa, oldschool) said...

there are programs to recover formatted pics...if you deleted them they are gone forever but if you formatted your card they are still there. Call your local geek squad, they charge some $ to do it, or you can load a program off of the internet for a fee...just google recovering formatted photos :)

Chrispea said...

Mmmm, green food.


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