Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the lands within our home

the lands within our home

my friend tina, who i met through the blog, stopped by today with her sweet little girl. she is too stinkin cute, so she just had to be the picture of the day. she was playing with this purple popsicle stick. don't you just love how simple little things entertain kids for hours.

this was the runner up for pic of the day. the girls came home from school and built their own "lands" in the living room. emma had the lego castle land, and torrey had lincoln log land. it just cracks me up listening to them play. emma had this whole cowboy drawl going. it was too funny.

i had a hard time with the coloring of these pics... i didn't have my white balance set right. {{sigh}} and i'm still trying to figure that whole white balance thing out. :)


Stan said...

nice pics baby. That Emma is pretty funny. They take their play time serious.

Veronica said...

Your pics are still good, white balance and all!! Better than me at this point. The Girls are too stinkin cute. Gotta love an imagination!!

Chrispea said...

Your pictures look great. I forget to change mine all the time, too. That's what photoshop is for! ;)

Tina said...

Great pictures. I love watching my kids play make believe. It is so much fun.

Val said...

Your pics always look fabulous to me! Your compositions and viewpoints are outta sight! I am also still trying to figure out the WB thing. It's definitely not second nature yet.


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