Thursday, February 12, 2009

be my valentine

nothing like last minute preparations for something you've known about for weeks! lol. the girls had their valentine parties in their classes today, so naturally this is an occasion to dole out some sweet yummy goodness to the kiddies. :)

well, i'd planned on making something, then i wasn't feeling well last night, so that left me this morning to decide what to make. after some digging in my pantry, i found these small heart shaped tins i'd bought a few years ago (i think the year torrey got the chicken pox on valentine's day). so i whipped up 48 of these heart-shaped cupcakes for the girls' classes. strawberry cakes with cherry icing (from a mix & from a can... no time for homemade-homemade!) lol. i'm pretty sure the kids liked them, anyway. which is all that really matters to me!
i got some pictures of emma's class. first graders still like to have their picture taken. yea!

check out the look on her face. isn't that just the cutest? nothing like the sheer joy of dumping out an envelope full of sweet loving little cards from your classmates!

they played "heart" bingo with m&m's. i mean, this is a win-win situation. if you win a "heart" (bingo) you get candy, if you don't get a "heart" you get to clear your board... which means eating the m&m's. i like this kind of game!

emma asked if we could get some more jumping pictures at recess, which i happily agreed to. they'd jump 4 or 5 times, then run over and look at the pics... then jump again. the best kind of subjects!
now apparently third grade is the year kids start getting a bit funny about wanting their picture taken. torrey said she didn't like it taken as much when she was at school. but it's not just her... most of the class is like that too. not entirely sure of the reason... but it's a great excuse to pull out the super-secret spy lens! i was able to take a bunch of pics in the classroom before the kids figured it out. lol. but after i was found out... it was over. but note to moms: third graders think super-secret spy lenses are pretty dang cool. i pulled it off the camera and let them all look through it... which was pretty fun. i love those kids!

another cool thing about third graders... they're goofy, funny & creative! they wanted to do a funny pic, and asked them to think of something valentine-y. the heart fingers is what they came up with! i love it. wish it was easier to see their little hand hearts, but i'll take this!

i {heart} class party days!


Emily R. said...

Those are such happy Valentine party pics! Wow!! What a fun time!

Today are our parties at school! Fun! Fun!

Love your blog :D

Scrappy Girl said...

We got that dress and hairbows from Gymboree too! I am so addicted to that store. I already started a spring/summer stash for my 2 little ones. The new Butterfly collection is really cute.

Veronica said...

FUN! FUN! FUN! Happy *heart* day!!

Suzanne Earley said...

I just love your photography -- the jumping pictures are especially awesome.

Just wiat until 4th grade. At our school, parents aren't even allowed at the school parties anymore.

Joanie said...

What wonderful photos from a very fun day! I love Emma's beautiful hair. What a sweetie.

I particularly liked your group photo from Torrey's class and the darling little boy in the wheelchair. Great photos.

Sara Ancich said...

Holy cute! That's all I can think of...especially all the girls on the rug.

gilroy gal said...

Wonderful pix...and the kids are a hoot! Makes me miss those days in the classroom with my kids!sigh..

Hope you're feeling better now...cuz you wouldn't want to miss a day when it was REQUIRED that you eat chocolate!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Chrispea said...

What cute pictures! I'm totally jealous! I went to Ethan's party and forgot my camera! I'm kickin' myself!! We played bingo, too. Happy Valentine's Day!!

Alicia Rasmussen said...

Stinkin' cute!! Love the pic of the girls laying down. Unfortunately my daughter's 2nd grade teacher doesn't like parents in the classroom for parties. I went to my son's 4th grade party, but they weren't so cute. I ran into you some time back and found you again as I was cleaning out my favorites. Love your stuff! Great ideas. Thanks!!


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