Saturday, January 31, 2009

squeaky clean

squeaky clean

so maybe not squeaky clean, but at least we can walk through emma's room now. she is so her mother's daughter! by stan's orders (hee hee) it was room cleaning day at our house today... which means i spend all day telling emma to keep working. brings back a flood of memories for me with my parents struggles to get me to clean my room as a kid. heck, or stan's struggles to get me to clean our room now. lol. anyway, since it's always a very long process to get the room done, there was plenty of opportunity to snap a pic of the day.

poor emma's eczema is back in force again with the cold dry weather. poor little sweetie.

on a side note, project 365 is one month old today. hurray! i made it a whole month without forgetting one day. i'm loving that it's capturing the little moments in the every day. i'm thinking it would be pretty cool to make a blurb book on the 365 project at the end of the year. i had one made for my inlaws and grandma at christmas, it was so cool i had to order one for us too!


Sara Ancich said...

My daughter, Avery, has relentless eczema as well. It is a never ending battle. She is 4 and recently the American Girl catalog started coming to our address. She really enjoys the idea of those cute dolls and their clothes. I found her staring at the page with all the dolls, trying to decide which one was her favorite. When i asked her which one she liked best, she replied, "well, none of them look like me, they all have good skin!". Bless her heart.

Scrappy Girl said...

I just recently developed eczema on the middle finger of my right drives me nuts when it is acting up and this weather is the worst! I hate to hear that Emma has to put up with the awful fun!

Veronica said...

YAY!!! 1 month already? Only 9 more to go!! LOL Good for Emma trying to clean her room AND for giving you a "pic of the day!" See you thru next month!! {how funny that the word verification is "blamo"! that's what Emma can say @ her room!}

Anonymous said...

It was room cleaning for my son too, I was almost inspired to clean my scrap area. Almost! (smile). I know you have probally tried everything for Emma's skin but I always make sure I mention the following product just in case. Eucerin Calming Creme daily moisturizer found at just about any drug store or target, walmart,etc. It is a great lotion and I know several people with eczema who say it has worked better then their prescription lotion. Karen L.

Laurie said...

It sounds like Emma and I would get along well. Who wants to clean? There are so many other great things to do. I totally feel you on the eczema thing. We battle it with Brogan. NM is dry, so it is a constant battle. Eucerin Auquaphor works great for the dry winter times.

HoopsDiva said...

Did you see that Blurb has the blog slurpers back???
Your blog would make a beautiful book!


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