Sunday, January 18, 2009

seeing the sun

seeing the sun

we saw the sun and the sunrise for the first time in a couple of weeks this morning. no fog, no rain, no clouds! just beautiful clear skies and fog melting away from the mountains as the sun rose above them. it was beautiful! and that this is the view that we see from our house... like stan says, "i know i don't live in heaven but sometimes i think i can see it from my house."

this afternoon we got to visit with our friends mandy & josh, and i snapped a couple of pics of their youngest. he is such a sweet little doll-baby with the biggest eyes. i'm pretty sure i've seen his face on jars of gerber.

mama & baby


Veronica said...

Stan's right: You have a little piece of Heaven right there! Beautiful picture. Yes, I believe I've seen those Gerber jars also! ;-)

Joanie said...

It's funny I was mentally composing my thought while this window opened and to see my words already written by Veronica is funny. You have a heavenly view... what a blessing.

Chrispea said...

Wow, that photo is stunning!!!


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