Saturday, January 3, 2009

project 365

what is project 365? a photo a day for a year. i started on jan. 1 {along with a bunch of other scrapbookers & photo junkies} taking a photo a day. we'll see how well i can keep up, but for now i'm 3 for 3! yea.

001 - torrey comforting stan as he's icing his back from his car accident injuries. not the best picture ever taken... but captured the moment well enough for me.

002 - our first look at stan's car after the accident. i know i just posted these yesterday. but, hey, it was my pic/day from jan 2 (yesterday). so there you go. hee hee. :)

003 - i have two for today. i have a good excuse {at least in my book}.

#1 - i got my new camera in the mail from b&h yesterday evening. yes, a brand spanking new nikon d300. a big thank you to stan's grandma!!! so i took a pic of my new camera with my "old" camera (nikon d80). i got the body only, since my lenses are interchangable. and so far... with only just a few pictures under my belt on the new big daddy camera... i'm in love!

#2 - i HAD to take at least one with the new big daddy camera!

so this is one of the very first pics with the new camera. there are so many new features to learn and love. i really like the 51 focus points, and being able to choose which one {or several} you'd like to use. i got this one of emma as she was walking back in from picking up the mail. had the focus point set on her eyes, since they seemed to be almost glowing! i added a slight vingette around the photo - my friend janet phillips has this great site with the tutorial here.

thanks for all of your prayers for stan. it's meant so much to both of us. he's doing his best to take it easy and just recover. :)



AJ said...

What an awesome gift!!! I went over to Wolf Camera yesterday to pick up a monitor calibrating kit and they had a D300 in the case. So I go to hold it in my hands for a minute. It was heavy!

I downloaded that action, too. I love Janet's new site!

Good on Stan for resting up and getting well. Pretty soon he'll be sledding down your hill again!

Hayley said...

Looks great!! Congrats again on your new cam!!! I am about to order a new lens...isnt it exciting!!!


Amy L said...

Noel, did I tell you I got one too? I ordered a great book from Amazon--Nikon D300 Guide to SLR Digital Photography by David Busch. Over 400 pages! You are off to a great start with that shot.

Veronica said...

Glad to hear Stan is taking it easy!
I'm so jealous! I'm saving to get your "old" camera! I've gotta start small! ;) Have fun with your new one.

Ami said...

Hello, I love your blog but I speak very bad English
The pictures I like and hope that your husband is well
Happy 2009

Anonymous said...

Amazing pic of Emma. WOW! Ok, so I'm contracting you NOW to do STeven's senior portraits. (He's class of 2012)

Totally Rocks, Noel...totally.

luv2talk said...

Hmmmmmmmm...I guess I DO have to enter my name...LOL!

Anonymous said...

First of all, SO thankful Stan is ok! So scary for all of you! Been there, done that so I know!

Love your pix..that camera is AWESOME! I can't even figure out how to use my little point n shoot! LOL!

Scrappy Girl said...

Awesome camera...I just got a D60 for intimidating...I can't wait to learn all about it and work my way up the camera ladder.

Laci J said...

You are going to love that camera. I have the same one and its my baby. I would suggest getting a nice water-tight case for it, like a pelican case. Love your blog. Stopped over from CKMB!


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