Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i'm a lumberjack and i'm ok

i'm a lumberjack & i'm ok

it was another amazing morning by way of sunrises today. the clouds were amazingly colored and oh so bright. i love sunrises for their fleeting beauty. if you look away for only a moment everything is completely different. always reminds me to cherish the little moments since they pass so quickly.

and onto the picture of the day (and the goofy monty python reference of a title). we had a load of lumber delivered to the house today. a bunch of the *reject* pieces that they were selling, that we can use for firewood. anyway, when i got home this afternoon from lunch with my friend cami, there was the pallet of wood with "sold stan culbertson" spraypainted on the side. maybe it's odd, but i found that amusing. so that was what we went with for the picture of the day. and since the way i figure it, pretty much any picture benefits from having a precious little girl in it... and i'm lucky enough to have two of those on hand... torrey jumped in there too.

my other option for pic of the day was one of the girls cooking waffles for dinner. i cannot thank my sister enough for getting emma a cookbook & making her this apron for christmas. we have had breakfast in bed more times in the past few weeks than i have in my entire life!!! so tonight for dinner they asked if they could pull out the waffle irons and make dinner. to which i gleefully resonded, "of course!" so we dined on hello kitty and tweety bird waffles in high style tonight!


Stan said...

"...I wear high heals, I skip and jump, I like to press wildflowers..." Just a little love from your local lumber jack! Nice pics as always baby.

Ami said...

I love your pictures in just a very explicit photo
hugs and kisses

Linda E said...

Great pictures. My kids love having waffles or pancakes for dinner. Whenever we do, we call it an Upside Down Day!

Veronica said...

I've said it before and I don't mind saying it again: I LOVE having Breakfast for Dinner! There's something about it that just, that just makes everything feel all right in the world!

Val said...

How fun to have such wonderful little chefs.

Great pics too!

luv2talk said...

Noel, how many times I have I told you, "No matter HOW BAD STAN is, you SHOULD NOT SELL him"? Think LONG TERM. It will pay off; I promise. Sure, you could sell him now and get some fast cash, but let him work a few more years for you, THEN sell him. Do I have to spell everything out for you? Have you learned NOTHING from my example? Why do you think I've held off on selling Ken for so long?

Love the pics. Keep 'em coming!

Jackie said...

Ok...so why do you have Emma's apron on instead of the one I made you??????

noel joy said...

you goof, that's not me, it's emma. :)

Camilla Blue said...

I think it looks like you in the apron, Noel! I was going to say that I love your apron, had no clue it was actually Emma in the picture! That's how skinny you are, Noel!!!!!! I'm jealous, but not jealous enough to do all the hard work to get that skinny!


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