Tuesday, January 6, 2009


don't forget to eat your veggies

just a quick shot of our veggie tray at dinner tonight. a good reminder to eat lots of the veggies, so my jeans will still fit me!


Veronica said...

YUM-E!!!! LOVE Veggies! Great pic! I'm guessin' that's with your "New" camera!? ;-)

Hayley said...

I love veggies too!!! Nice shot!


sssalad said...

Great shot of those veggies - you are having way too much fun with your NEW CAMERA! I am sooooooo jealous!!!!!!!!!

Scrappy Girl said...

That is so funny! I just took the photo for today and I will be posting it this evening...it is of a container of strawberries! LOL! They were so good...the sweet taste of summer on a cold dreary January afternoon...yummy!


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