Saturday, December 13, 2008

kids in photoshop, quick gift tags & funny feet

kids in photoshop, quick tags & funny feet

i took a few pictures of some quick (and easy to mass produce christmas tags) this afternoon as we're waiting for snow to actually accumulate so we can go sledding. so far no accumulation, but we did do something else cool. torrey was hanging with me, so we did some kids in photoshop lessons. we worked on brightening pictures, sharpening them and saving them for uploading and for print. we worked with levels, filters and blending modes. she knocked my socks off! so all of these photos were edited by torrey the amazing 8 year old!

all tag supplies are by stampin up.

and what makes a snowy day more fun that sweet santa's elf socks? i just think these are way too fun. hope your super saturday is as enjoyable as ours has been so far.


okanogangirl said...

Those are some rockin' socks!

While you're waiting for your snow to accumulate (ha ha) I won't brag that we have about a foot here in eastern WA. But the wind chill is below zero so no sledding for us!

Sarah E. said...

Go Torrey! That editing is awesome! I love all the tags and your socks are too stinkin cute! :)

misskim said...

The tags are adorable. I love the socks. I may have to steal this idea from you! What a great photo.

FamilyFunBunch said...

Thanks for sharing these cute ideas. You are so creative! Enjoy the snow....I am down south in Texas....we rarely get to see snow....but when we do, we sure do love it.

Veronica said...

Ummm, Torrey? Do you give lessons? I could REALLY use some! Also, the socks. Well, umm, can you send me a pair? Of course, it's 75 degrees here, but maybe I could "feel" like it's all nice and cozy!! LOL
Great job. LOVE the tags. Was thinking about doing some small scale "Tim Tags" for presents!!

Anonymous said...

way cool. love it all!

Tina said...

Great Job Torrey. Maybe,I will hire you to edit my pictures!!!


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