Tuesday, November 11, 2008

veterans day

have you {kissed} a vet today?

just wanted to give a shout out to every veteran out there today... THANK YOU for your service, your sacrifice, your love of country, your heart. our family is so grateful for every sacrifice you make in service to this great country!

we, of course have our very own veteran here at home, and lucky for us, he's HOME this year. stan, thank you for all you do for our family and the amazing country we're blessed to live in.

GOD bless you & GOD bless America!


Liana said...

ha ha! very cute. Loving all the reminders about how important our Service people are!

one question.... Where do you get all your actions?

kelliebean said...

Very cool!

I kissed my favorite A.F. vet this morning, too. ;)

Veronica said...

Yes, THANK YOU Stan, for all you do and have done! I have "Thanked" all Vets on my Blog this a.m.!! Great pics Noel!!

noel joy said...

thanks linda!
i have some actions that i got last year from ezactions, but most of the time i adjust my pics myself in photoshop.

usually i make some levels adjustments layers, and add some sharpening. i did a little tutorial last month on my blog on it. maybe i could turn it into an action... i'll keep you posted.

Cindy said...

Adorable photos Noel!

Sarah B said...

Cute Photos
I will kiss my Coastie when he gets home from camping=)
Thank Stan for us for his service and hard work!!!!

Tina said...

Love the pictures Noel. And, yes, thank you Stan and all the other veterans out there for all you do and have done for our country!!!


Gretchen said...

thanks Culbertsons!

Queen of Paper said...

what a perfect post from today! very sweet and I love the photos

Gretchen Clark said...

great post! Awsome photos!!!

Laura said...

God Bless Stan INDEED! God Bless you and your adorable family! And...God Bless America!!
Amazing photos!!!! Should be in a magazine!!

Dana said...

So wonderful to see people LOVING this country!


Cutest pictures ever Noel. I love them. ANd yes, thank you Stan for sacrificing your time with your sweet family to keep me and my little family safe:) I appreciate all you do.


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