Sunday, November 2, 2008

halloween madness

all the better to see you with, the wolf replied

the culbertsons going just over the top for halloween. do you know how hard it is to come by flannel pajamas these days? apparently they're not a hot ticket item. i had to go to 6 stores to find them... and if you're in the market, sears is the place to go! ;)

stan & i helped (in character) at the girls' school parties after he got off work, then made our halloween rounds. we do the kind of trick or treating that involves driving to 6 or 7 houses of family and friends.

the kitties before trick or treating. we were going to have a kitty and snow white. but when snow white saw the kitty costume accessories, she wanted to be a kitty too. so two kitties it was!

the kitties with great grandma & great pa.

grandpa looking a little too happy about the wolf gobbling up granny! :)

the wicked, wicked wolf and little red
the girls were singing, "hey there little red riding hood" all day


Veronica said...

Ya'll look just adorable! The girls look FANTASTIC!! Hope you had lots of fun.

Val said...

You guys are so funny! Very cute pics too.

Oh, and thanks for getting that song stuck in my head now. :)

Sara Ancich said...

Sooooo cute! You all looked GREAT! Such a fun memory for your girls.

Anonymous said...

Two Purr...fect kitties. Too cute.

Do tell, did the wolf and little red help the kitties carve those pumpkins from the pumpkin patch?

--Marilyn, NO VA

Nanie said...

Oy, you all look great ! I wish I was in USA for Halloween, here we don't really celebrate it !

Glad you enjoyed !

angie worthington said...

noel, all of you look fabulous!..the girls are it that you & your hubby dressed up, too!...

go check out my blog for my

obxpatti said...

great costumes! Looks like you all had a great time!
I tagged you...check out my blog.

Eileen said...

You're adorable....all of you! Your husband is really something! I'm so impressed!

Elizabeth said...

Looks like you all had a blast on Halloween!! The costumes are fabulous!!

Tracey Locher said...

Hey Noel... time to catch up on your blog, so here goes...

Halloween - you guys are toooo darn cute!
Acrylic Album - SERIOUSLY, WOW!
Great shot of Aaron walking toward the family... that is a picture worth 1,000 words.
Hansel and Gretel - so funny, I was thinking the same thing... but it is a cute little church!
Pumpkin Patch - Seriously, you take the BEST pictures... what a perfect day!
HSN layout - You are a ROCK STAR! That so totally ROCKS!!!
Blik - Simply, beautiful!!!

WOOO HOOOO! All caught up! Have a GREAT WEEK!

Brock Family said...

Too cute! I enjoyed catching up on your blog too. I'm trying to get back into the scrapping world after having baby #2. Your work is still amazing!

gilroy gal said...

Love the Halloween pix...did Torrey take the one of you and Stan? If so, she is getting to be a great photographer like her mom!
Seriously in love with your acrylic album!

Jackie said...

hey there little red riding sure are lookin good

Corina said...



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