Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the first day of school and a new little one to welcome to the world

the first day of school and
a new little one to welcome to the world

the first day of school lunch bags... ready and waiting on the kitchen counter

my sweet little princesses on their first day of school at a new school. there were apples on their shirts, butterflies in their tummies and lots of hugs and reassuring going on this morning.

the "grown up" one-shoulder backpacks

stan had a late flight so he was able to take the girls to school with me this morning. something about that just makes it so much more special... oh and just the two of us were able to have breakfast together afterwards. how nice is that? have you ever heard of a "big fat greek omlet"? i had a bite of stan's, and wow! it was yummy!

the girls & me

something i noticed right away when i was walking the halls of the new school... the lighting is better than the old school! yah, the picture freak in me is coming out. ('cause i had it hidden so well before! lol.)

emma at her desk

i just thought this was so sweet with stan and torrey heading upstairs at the school. melts my heart.

torrey at her desk

and a very exciting addition to our church. our youth pastor & his wife welcomed in their first little one into the world first thing this morning... and when i say first thing, i mean at like 1:30am! he is precious and perfect in every way. congrats dan & cindy!!!


Jackie said...

Oh I am first to comment...how did you get the disappearing and reappearing lettering at the top of your post????
I love the pics of the kids at the new school...hope their first day went great.
Stan you are just a big softie :)

angie worthington said...

the girls look great!...i know that they had an awesome day!....glad that stan was able to go, too....mom & dad time is always so nice!...


First of all, your girls outfits are just way too cute for words. I love the apples, so cute. Second, your youth pastor's wife. Is that a hospital gown or a shirt becuase if it is a hospital gown then they are moving up in the world. TOO cute and what a cute little one. Your girls looked so cute and I bet they loved having both of their parents there with them. You are such a beautiful woman with such a cute family. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie said...

Oh my gosh, look how the girls are growing! How cute they look on their first day of school!

And what a cute baby, congrats to the new parents. :)

Anonymous said...

So cute to see the smiles on your girls faces as they go back to school for another year of learning and fun.

I know they enjoyed the cute embellished lunch bags.

Things have really changed since my school days (I'm probably old enough to be your mother), when parents did not get that involved with back to school. So many memories your girls will have of their parents not only taking them to school but to their classes.

I'm sure they will have a lot of new friends by the end of the first week.

Thanks for sharing.

Northern VA

Latrice said...

Oh the girls look so cute!! Tell Torrey thatboy next to her is a cutie!! LOL Just kidding. Not till they're 30 right? So cute Noel. I'll email you later. Talk to you soon.

Terri said...

Girls are so cute. Love the outfits but you always have them spiffed up good! Thanks for sharing. -tj from Kirkland

Laurie said...

You totally had me with the title of your post. I thought you were going to say that YOU were welcoming a new one into the world. LOL! Your girls look so adorable in their outfits.

Amy L said...

Darling photos Noel! You're a good mommy and Stan is a good daddy!

Liz said...

so cute!!! the girls look adorable!
Tell Stan he wins husband of the year for those end tables! Although james is going to paint my crutches pink, so I guess I should give him an honorable mention!


Mama Olie said...

Once again Noel, the pics of your girls are beautiful, I always admire how you have them dressed. Congrats to the new parents. And I have to say, I was so surprised to open my October CK and see your girls looking back at me - I feel like I know them from your blog! Beautiful layout, congrats!

Veronica said...

2 cute 4 words. Congrats to Dan & Cindy and their precious baby.

Amy said...

Great pictures Noel! The girls are so darling! They look so cute in their apple outfits! I bet they had a wonderful 1st day with you and Stan taking them! We had pouring rain here which made for less than desirable 1st day photos... Thanks for sharing! =)

Marfa said...

What a fantastic photo of your daughter and husband walking up the stairs, she is looking up to him....just precious!


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