Wednesday, June 18, 2008

thank you!

thank you!

made a few thank you cards today to send out to several friends who helped us a lot on all of our homecoming prep for stan. but thought i'd say one more big thank you to everyone who prayed and sent well wishes to us over the past 7 months. we are so thankful to all of you!

and my awesome church group who went way above and beyond helping me clean, make posters, hang signs... and so much more. thank you so much!!!

(the inspiration for this card came from something i saw on label tulip's site)


Sarah E. said...

Such a beautiful card! So happy your family is in one spot! :) Prayers that it stays that way!

Ericka said...

what a pretty card!! super cool house too!!there should be PLENTY of room for all of your SB supplies! :)

Tina said...

What a pretty card!!! Enjoy your new house and having your family all together in one place. :-)

Pamela said...

Great card! It sounds like you got a great group of friends and an awesome church there! : )

Veronica said...

Great card, great friends! It can't get any better. K, maybe Stan being home is better! ;)

Hayley said...

Im glad that you are finally all back together!!!! Great card and again congrats on the great house!!!

Did Stan get leave when he got home? Or did he have to go back to work?


Cindy said...

Very pretty! I'm glad that you're all together now!

Samantha said...

Super cute card!! I love the bling-a-ling and the little beattle :)

scrapyak said...

So very pretty! I may have to scraplift it!!


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