Wednesday, March 5, 2008

update from
computer purgatory

here lies the area, sad and alone, where my cpu should be resting in peace... but he's back with the computer man... getting a new hard drive. so by tomorrow afternoon (so they say) i will have a new hard drive, with all of my old schtuff on it. ::fingers crossed::

in the meantime i'm getting the hang of the mac & trying to get windows installed on it. it'll be nice to be back up and running... hopefully soon!

peace out... for now!


angie said...

good luck w/ the computers...i don't know what we did w/out them years ago...i use mine for so much, not just chatting on the
;) angie (craftyscrapr)

Jackie said...

oh the woes of us computer junkies without our is a lonely life without our mainstay of communication :) I feel your pain

joscelyne cutchens said...

I hope it all works out well ... keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Stan said...

I've got a hammer in the garage!

Kari said...

Hope that space gets filled in again soon! Enjoy getting to know your Mac ... maybe you won't want the other one back ;) I'd love to hear about how you adjust to the Mac and what you think - might look into the change myself!


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