Friday, March 7, 2008

tagged by collin (bon jovi) kartchner

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i just saw on my sweet friend liz 's blog that her hilariously witty husband collin "tagged" me. so here you go collin....

What is your full name?
Noel Joy Culbertson

How long have we been married? 8 1/2 years of wedded bliss... well, if you subtract the time stan's been deployed... it's only 6 years... so really, we're still like newlyweds. ;)

What's your dream job? oh, i'm living the dream, baby!!!!

What's your dream car? bmw roadster

What's your claim to fame? ummmm.... i'm friends with the scrapbooker of the year! :) lol!

What do you like to do? hang with my family & friends, scrapbook, blog surf

What's your biggest fear? passing out in the shower

What animal describes you? i have no idea... an alligator. since the embossed print graces several of my purses, shoes, wallets & scrapbooks... lol!

If you could live in any era which one would it be? the 40's & 50's not sure why... just seems like a cool all american era to visit

What's a goal for 2008? to spend every moment available with my hubby when he gets home

What your guiltiest pleasure? guilt, what's that??? weekly mall visit with emma.

What do you love about your spouse? that he cooks, cleans & treats me like a queen. ::wink:: oh, and that he inspires me to want to be the kind of person i should be.

my tags go to... stan, my mom, ali davis, ingunn, annie, & liv


Stan said...

Ok, I played the little game so check out my blog. Oh, by the way; you sure know how to butter me up! I love you.

elizabeth said...

That was awesome!! You crack me up!!


Kari said...

Awesome answers ... although I thought for sure your claim to fame would be knowing me ;)


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