Monday, March 17, 2008

happy st. patrick's day

i'm looking over a four leaf clover, that i made this morning in about 35 seconds! hehehe. i had planned yesterday to make little pins for the girls and i for st. patrick's day today... but had a friend stop by, and completely forgot my grand plans. lol! so this morning, as we're walking out the door, torrey says, "MOM!!!! it's st. patrick's day! we need something green!" shoot!

off to the scraproom we rushed. a heart stamp, circle punch, scalloped circle punch, a piece of ribbon and a safety pin later... we were all in business! they have kept us "pinch free" all day!

the super cool necklace i'm sporting in the pic was made yesterday by torrey. pretty darn cute, i thought. the girls acutally made me 4 necklaces yesterday... lucky me! looks like i found the pot of gold at the end of our little rainbow. :D


inara said...

too clever!!!!!!!!!

Kay said...

Super cute pin! Quick thinkin' too!

Wow that necklace is way cool! She's got some talent! I would have totally thought you bought it at some cool and funky Seattle shop. I wonder where she get all that creativity from? Hmmmmm?

angie said...

great necklace!!! is amazing what a mom can do in a rush, isn't it?!?!?...
;) angie (craftyscrapr)

Jackie said...

girls know how to get to bags and necklaces :)

Samantha said...

You know, it seems that scrappy supplies have saved the day on more than one occassion. Hum...I think that's reason enough to go out and buy more!

I love the necklace Torrey made for you. She's a talented little one!


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