Tuesday, February 19, 2008

black & white

in february's issue of creating keepsakes they ran a column on black & white vs. color photos on layouts. i loved the concept of trying both on a layout and seeing what you like best. some layouts and photos lend themselves so nicely to black & white, while others lend themselves to color.

they picked up a set of my layouts for publishing. this set of layouts was one i submitted that wasn't picked up. i love the colors on these photos, they are simple and the green grass just pops against torrey's white shirt. but some of the photos really help focus on the sense of emotion in the photos. so in the end, i think i like the layout with the mix of black & white and color on this layout.

Digital patterned paper: (brown) Mandy Steward, scrapgirls.com; (tan) Michelle Coleman, scrapartist.com; flourish and layout inspiration: Anna Aspnes, designerdigitals.com; digital alphabet: Katie Pertiet, designerdigitals.com; fonts: Garamond, Microsoft; CK LoveNote from Creative Clips and Fonts CD


Latrice said...

I think I like the color one. The girls blonde hair really works with the paper color. All three are fabulous!!

Linda said...

You are right. I like the mixed one best as well. The pic on the bottom right is adorable.

Martha said...

I love the mix. I really enjoy your work. What font are you using for Moments. I like how it's outlined.

Martha (EPScrapper)

joscelyne cutchens said...

as always, beautiful work!

inara said...

I vote for color, but as usual they're all gorgeous!!!

noel joy said...

hi martha,
the font used on "moments" is a digital alphabet done by katie pertiet at designer digitals... it's from the flat jack blossom kit. :)

Marcia said...

I have to agree. The mixed one was my favorite. It kept all of the pictures from running together (kinda like a mat), but allowed Torrey's beauty (and she is beautiful) to shine through!

Great job as always!

(CKMB - cmriker1)

Brock Family said...

Great take on B&W vs. color!!! It's neat how changing the color of the pics can totally change the look of the LO! Love it!

Allison Davis said...

I agree w/ the mix. Well, they all look great but I love how those three b & w stand out!

Jackie said...

I love them all..but the cutest is the puppy she is holding :) Wow..what have I been doing that I have missed three entries to your blog????


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