Friday, January 11, 2008

i was tagged by liv, susan & dawn... so here are my 7 random facts... :)

i drink about 1 pot of coffee a day (12 c. pot). why yes, mr. coffee, i would like another cup... ;)

i celebrated my 1 year anniversary as a weight watcher member this week

i'm not sure the last time i took less than 100 pictures in one sitting

i have so many piles on my desk(s), i have no more room for piles, so there are piles on the floor, piles on chairs, piles on shelves, piles on top of organizer stuff i got to help reduce the number of piles... :)

i have a serious love of the "demotivators" at they always make me laugh. and we own every mug that they have made... (please! please! make some more despair!!!) :)

i subscribe to 13 different magazines (that's the number i came up with when i counted them up in my head... actual number may be higher.)

i love altoids dark chocolate covered mints. yummy!!!

digital brushes: jason gaylor; fonts: beyond wonderland, carpenter, century gothic


Dawn said...


joscelyne (joscie) cutchens said...

Happy WW anniversary! I am a fellow atleast one pot of coffee a day girl, piler, photomaniac...and I love those altoids dark chocolate mints too! My wallet is afraid, but I am off to check out those coffee mugs now!

SusanD said...

Fun to read the facts! We have one in common, piles! DH will say there is no place to sit. I say will that just looks like a chair; it's really a table!

Love your gorgeous blog!

Jenn said...

Noel, I enjoy reading your blog! I really love your fatherhood album. It is so sweet to see daddies with their girls. :)

Stephanie said...

12 CUPS?????? Good lord girl you've got to be running laps around those piles! Love the photo of the piles and the brushes!

Liv said...

when we finally get together (and you get your butt over here):
1. do you think my coffee machine will groan after the 2 pots we brew between us on the first day? ;)
2. do you think the hundreds of photos we take will show all possible angles of everything we feverishly shoot?
3. do you think we could build a HOUSE with the piles you and i have, combined?

okay, going to check out your demotivators link now... and my mags will never compare to your number of mags, you magfanatic! LOL!

thanks for answering the tag (and loooooove that photo you did for this post!)

Liv said...

PS. i looooove that pessimist cup at demotivators!!! thanks for the link, sweetie! gotta get that.

Kelli said...

And here my husband said *I* drink a lot of coffee, you've got me beat by 2C.!! ;)


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