Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

it's just past 3am on january 1st... and i wanted to take a minute to say happy new year to anyone who happens to stop by. i watched the fireworks at midnight from my deck. they were gorgeous. i spent the evening with my dad watching movies... my dear husband is on his way to a new location, i'll find out for sure where he's going when he gets there. although i'm pretty sure i know. :) (oh the joys of the military life!) my girls are sound asleep in my bed, and i think i am going to go kiss them goodnight & wish them a happy new years in their sleep.

but i think i'll head to bed with my new year's resolutions put down "on paper." i'm sure i'll think of more as the day & year move on... but for starters... here's my list. :)

do something creative daily

keep the weight that i lost in 07 off

send out greeting, birthday, and just because cards on time

clean my house more often

play more

wishing you a happy new year
filled to overflowing!


Stan said...

Happy New Year's honey!! See I told you it was coming your way. Well those are good resolutions, let me add one; try to live in the moment, not for the moment...that's my resolution. We'll see how it goes. Love ya.

Ericka said...

happy new year's Noel!! great resolutions!! glad we met on the MB in 2007.....here's to creativity in 2008!!:)

Stephanie said...

I think you need to drop that second to the last one.:( Or put some type of disclaimer on it.

luv2talk said...

....and be nicer to Leslie....you forgot that one. ;)

So glad I met you...2007 was a good year, indeed. Happy Memories and New Friendships...may 2008 be just as good. (Altho I don't know if I can take another friend like you in my life...heaven help us all!)


Samantha said...

Happy New Year!!


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