Saturday, December 15, 2007

daily december chat & some new friends

i hung out last night on for an online chat with jessica sprague. (she is so cool!) she walked through a couple of techniques using her daily december template. this is my version. not many changes to the original template... used the clipping mask, did some burning along the outer edges, etc.

one of the real highlights was meeting some fun new friends. my mom has taken two of jessica's classes (up and running with photoshop and now we're rocking with photoshop) and had met some great friends along the way. i was able to meet a few, and am looking forward to meeting many more over on "their playground". so here's to my new friends... liv, deb, laurie (i already knew her!) and tori... and a few others! you guys are so fun! and thanks mom for sharing your friends!


Lisa said...

Oh... lights of Christmas! I can't wait to be able to come home and see it! Thanks for sharing all of your ideas and such, you're work is SO beautiful! Blessing to you this Christmas season, your family is in my prayers as you deal with a holiday deployment!

Allison Davis said...

What a cute page! I love those trees and the pictures are adorable!!

Tori said...

Hey, how did you figure this out when I know you werent' really paying that much attention to Jessica? I know, you are just too smart, huh? SOOO glad to have met you on the chat! It was much fun, and you had better keep coming back to our playground!

noel joy said...

tori... practice, practice, practice!!! lol! ;)

i'm so glad i met all of you. and don't you worry, i'll be haunting your playground for sometime. :)

Liv said...

some time? SOME time? whaddayamean SOME time? you leave for a day, you lose your present! ;P totally love the journaling on the lights. cool! and i'm betting santa isn't anywhere near emma with that precious smile on her face. :)

joscelyne cutchens said...

Hey, I know liv too! I wish I could have made it to your chat time... I was out on a child free dinner party. it was so nice! I love your take on the template!

Anonymous said...

Hi Noel,

This is my first time leaving a comment but visit your blog quite often. Absolutely LOVE your work. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing where you got your background "paper" in your blog banner. I would have e-mailed you directly to ask but I didn't see an e-mail link. I hope you don't mind me asking in your comments. Again, LOVE your work and Merry Christmas!


Stan said...

That is a pretty cool looking page babay. I like how you used the things with the other stuff. Good subject matter too. It's a winner in my book.

noel joy said...

i got the teal paper from this site:
it's a club site, and i probably downloaded it back in august or so.



Stacy F. from Arkansas said...

I'm one of the girls from Jessica's classes and I have loved them both. I have been a paper scrapper for years and have been trying to learn this digital stuff since January. I LOVE YOUR BLOG and your work..thanks for the inspirations and the tips.
You're great,

scrap4ea said...

I love your blog and look forward to reading it. I have recently become interested in the digital scrapbooking (I have been scrapbooking for about 5 years). I wanted your advice on the best started/beginner software to purchase.

noel joy said...

hi bonnie,
i'd go with photoshop elements. it's not a completely simple program to learn, but it is a really good one. i'd start with that, then do a beginner's class, like jessica sprague's online class. she starts at the beginning and really walks you through. she's also available for questions. i think that's really the best way to get started. there is a link to her site & classes in this post! she really is one of the best teachers out there!

Kari said...

Ahem ... should I be offended that you didn't name me? Just because I didn't get to take part in the chat because my house was full to the brim with children shouldn't completely lump me in the "few others" category, should it? I DO have you in my address book now ;) So glad to have you in our family!!

Kelli said...

Noel, your husbands' comment cracked me up, way to use "the things with the other stuff" What a guy! My husband is constantly borrowing my "pokey thing" (paper piercer), for what i'll never know.

Anyway, I tagged you if you feel up for a game.

Jackie said...

I love the kids new darling are they :)

inara said...

Hi Noel,

I saw your lo just now in the January CK, nice job!

Laurie said...

Wow! I got a shout out on Noel's blog! I love that you have started hanging out with us! Great job on your LO! I was laughing too hard at everyone to even attempt following Jessica's instructions. Good thing I have Liv to give me notes afterwards!


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