Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Saying Goodbye

this was our weekend. we spent it saying goodbye. i'm sitting here trying to think of what to say about it. and all i can think to write is that it was hard. we enjoyed every last minute of the time we had together, and in six short (hopefully) months we'll be celebrating a homecoming.

so to quote something emma said on the way home last night, "it's just really hard. but we can do it. we can do our jobs with good teamwork and togetherness."

thank you for your kind words and prayers.

journaling: five deployments. two and a half years. i’m not sure how it came so quickly but it did none the less. this was by far the hardest goodbye we have to say. maybe it’s because the girls understand just how long six months is, or maybe it’s just because deployments are just plain hard and we really miss you

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Ingunn said...

Oh Noel, this made me tear up :(

*big hugs*

Samantha said...

Awww...that's really cute what Emma said. Big {{{HUGS}}} going your way :)

Rachel said...

I need to visit your blog more often! I am falling in LOVE with your LO's!! They are FANTASTIC! I need to steal your mojo!! lol

Just did a move for a temp. stay with the inlaws until DH finds a place for us to live and just don't feel like creating. Boo hoo.

Keep up the fantastic work!

And tell your DH that we are thankful for what he does.

A Marines wife,

aka *It'sColdNColorado*

Hayley said...

A love this lo. I love what you wrote. I love the quote from Emma. I wasn't sure but I thought this might have been the weekend because you weren't on the boards, I kept checking in on here to see a lo, I knew it would be coming. No matter how many deployment or how long they will be gone, it's always tough, especially the first week or so, getting used to (or as used to as you can) them being gone. I am sure you have a great support system, but I know how it can be just wanting to talk to someone who understands....so if so Im here. heiskra@yahoo.com



ME said...

Here's a big HUG for you and your girls! I'm sure this was a difficult time for you all - but like you said - in just a short 6 months he will be back! All the girls on the CKMB are here for ya! Take care!

Kathy said...

AMAZING page...it made me cry when I read what it said!

So glad you guys had this time together, before the next time you are all together.

Love all your layouts & photos!

~ Kathy C. (Hillsboro, OR)

Nicole said...

Noel, this is beautiful... hugs!

Jackie said...

Ok...so you got me all teary eyed too :( glad I am part of the team for the team work...love you all

Jackie said...

oh ps...love the lo too:)

shaina said...

Sweet layout. It is so tough, being a military family. It's hard for others to really know what we go through during deployments.

God bless.

Kelli said...

Hang in there Noel, I know it'll be a little lonelier for a while, but with so many deployments under your belt, you are one strong wife! People always say that the ones serving our country are the heroes but really their families are heroes too, they are sacrificing their spouses/loved ones for us all.

Those thanksgiving "hats" from an earlier post are too cute! Did the girls make those or did they have help from mom?...Either way, let them know they looked awesome in them!

noel joy said...

the girls made the hats all by themselves. i did draw the body shape for them... the rest they did themselves. :D :D :D

thanks for your encouragement kelli!

jodie said...

What a courageous family you have...may God's love just wrap around all of you and help you through this difficult time! My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family! A big THANK YOU to your husband for his courageous fight for me and our country!

Jodie aka jswinger98 CKMB

Aunt Bree said...

I will be praying for you and Stan and the girls. I wear a bracelet everyday that reminds me to pray for my brother and his wife and his kids while he is on his deployment and I will add you and stan onto it. Thank you for your sacrifice for the rest of us!

-scrappinmomma from CKMB-

Jennifer said...

Prayers and happy thoughts for you and the girls while Stan's away...You've obviously been blessed with an amazing family - Focus on that fact while during these coming months...



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