Tuesday, November 6, 2007

ckc seattle

i went to my fifth ckc this past weekend... my fourth in seattle (well, bellevue, really). on thursday night ali edwards came to my local scrapbook store, lasting memories in lynnwood. it was awesome to get to see her again... she's so fun & spunky. ali did a lecture style class at the store, where she talked about some of her life art philosophy. totally inspiring & fun!

i spent friday down a ckc seattle. i took a couple of classes, one with basic grey and one with brittaney beattie from ck. (it was great to finally get a chance to meet her!) the highlight of the day was definitely the ck message board lunch... we'd planned to take over some tables, but that wasn't meant to be... so we grabbed a section of carpet and had a great time! it was so great to see everyone in real life! the shopping was fun! i came home with a bunch of stuff... i'm really excited about all of the acrylic mini albums i was able to pick up!

my super cute scrapworks bag complete with my ali book signing number. i forgot my book at home so i just waited to visit and get a pic. :)

the very fun ali...
this time i had heels and she had flats...
so i'm only like six inches shorter!

a bunch of the lasting memories girls with ali
i just love going down there! they are all so sweet & fun...
not to mention the amazing store selection!!!

i also got a chance to see my very cool norwegian s.o.y. (scrapbooker of the year finalist) buddy ingunn again! she is the cover girl (layout designer) for the december issue of ck! so here she is autographing it for me!

i also got to take a class with two of my ckmb buddies joscie and erica. we had a blast! those girls are SO funny!!! i wish we had classes together all day! (although the people forced to sit around us may not have agreed!)

here we are at the ckmb lunch we planned.
everyone was great... we laughed a lot... and scared a poor high school kid for life as he tried (with much assistance) to take pics for us!
and a quick shout out to the ckc guy who made the announcement for us! if you ever by some strange chance stop by this blog... know you are very appreciated!!!


elizabeth said...

How fun I am SO SO jealous right now!! That better be us soon having fun together at CKC!;)

Samantha said...

Woo-hoo!! I'm so glad we were able to get together! That poor young guy - we definitely traumatized him for life (or at least prepared him for marriage!). Until we meet again in Portland...

joscelyne cutchens said...

That was sooo much fun Noel! I absolutely loved it!

Yep, and that poor sweet boy... scarred for life. PRESS HARDER!

Ingunn said...

I had such a great time!!

We seriously need to have a CKMB crop..


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