Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Alice in Wonderland - Halloween 2014

It's been awhile since I've been on the blog. We had a summer full of wonderful memories and sudden heartbreak. We enjoyed a road trip visiting family along the way, then two weeks after our return Stan's dad passed away suddenly. We were so thankful to have had a wonderful visit with him just weeks before. In the midst of so much loss, it reminds me again to treasure every moment we have.

Here I am only trying to describe the enormous emotions which cannot be described. And the strongest emotion was that life was as precious as it was puzzling. It was an ecstacy because it was an adventure; it was an adventure because it was an opportunity. The goodness of the fairy tale was not affected by the fact that there might be more dragons than princesses; it was good to be in a fairy tale. The test of all happiness is gratitude; and I felt grateful, though I hardly knew to whom. Children are grateful when Santa Claus puts in their stockings gifts of toys or sweets. Could I not be grateful to Santa Claus when he put in my stockings the gift of two miraculous legs? We thank people for birthday presents of cigars and slippers. Can I thank no one for the birthday present of birth?
-G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy (1908)

With all of that in mind, I thought I'd share our photos of Halloween. The kids, along with some friends, have been planning their costumes since June. My amazing friend, Heather, is a thrift store wonder-worker. She refashioned several bridesmaid dresses, along with several other pieces to make these rock star costumes. I was only responsible for the Elizabethan playing card whisk collar, and the hair and makeup. 

Here's to treasuring the little moments we have with our families!















Leonie said...

Deepest sympathy to your family on the passing of Stans Dad. As for Halloween You all looked amazing.

powerscrapper said...

These costumes are SIMPLY AMAZING!!Everyone looks fantastic and isn't Stan wonderful and such a great sport to get into the swing of things along with you girls? So sorry to hear that his father passed away.

Chark said...


Anonymous said...

Are you gone for good?! I miss your posts - especially your scrapbook pages and Chesterton photos

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Anonymous said...

How did make you the cards collar stay up?

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