Saturday, March 27, 2010

i {love} my life

i {love} my life. i was sitting at my kitchen counter this morning, drinking my morning coffee and talking to my laptop (my dear husband via my laptop) thinking LIFE IS GOOD. not always ideal, but it is good. ideally i'd be sitting at the kitchen counter, coffee in hand, with my handsome husband rather than with my laptop... but i love my life... long distance love and all. ideally there wouldn't be dirty dishes in the sink or a month's worth of laundry downstairs, but i love my life... messes and all. ideally my sweet girls would always get along and never get in trouble... but i love my life... bickering, sibling rivalry, discipline and all. despite the nonexistent ideal life, i love my life.

i love surprising my kids. we rarely go to the theater... i'm just kind of a cheap skate when it comes to spending bunches of money on something i can have shipped to my house via netflix in a just few months. but nonetheless, every now and then, it's fun to surprise the kids with a trip to the movies. we went to see how to train your dragon. very cute, sweet & funny family movie - we loved it, although i wouldn't recommend spending the extra to see it in 3D.

i love my second born. we went in for week two of ballet/tap class for emma. she's still in love with it all, though i think her favorite part is the free danicing in the beginning before you actually have to pay attention. hee hee. after watching emma the past couple of weeks torrey asked if she could try her hand (or feet) at dance, so the teacher let her stay on for the next class to give it a try. she totally rocked it, so we'll be picking up another set of shoes for her this week. :)

i love my first born, half days and sunshine. i love half days (half as much as i love days off, but still i love them. lol) and this week we had three. yahoo. wednesday we had the perfect combination of half day and sunshine. at our house 68 degrees = swimsuit time, at least for those well under 30. the girls and i had a picnic, rode bikes up and down the street and played some backyard baseball. torrey pelted me in the leg with one of her line drives, but i was able to limp my way over to tackle her and implement some tickle-torture.  i added a few more pictures of our little game, ballet & a few others here.

i love my hobbies. how lucky am i to have the opportunity to invest time in a hobby that helps you find the zillions of blessings that fill your everyday life? answer: pretty dang lucky! this week i made another album using the fabulous punky sprouts mixed media albums. you can check out the rest of the album here on their blog. (i did a review on the albums over at the scrap review... here.)

i love being a mom, watching my kids learn and not having homework. rather than homework, i have housework... the difference is you could theoretically pay someone to do your housework without getting busted. but really, i {usually} love helping my little ones with their after school work. watching little minds bloom and grow is a wonderful job to hold.

i love my life.


Veronica said...

I LOVE my Life too! Could it be more "Ideal?" Sure. But would I change it, NOPE!
Enjoy your morning!! '-)

Vintage Love and Photographs said...

This is a beautiful post.

american girl primitives said...

I love this post, I was just thinking the same thing.


Luv2talk said...

Me too. I wish more people did; I think the world would be a happier place.


Steff said...

Noel, I love that photo at the top of your DD holding her hands in the shape of a heart. Any special tricks to getting that shot? I just have a point&shoot, a nice one, but not an SLR! Did you shoot it in b&w or edit it to that after? I love your photography!

Jamie Lane said...

Love your photos!


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