Wednesday, March 4, 2009

sick leave

ever feel like that kind of mom? this morning emma started complaining that her tummy hurt. i didn't think much of it since she'd been jumping around just minutes before that. we got her all ready for school, and i told her that she should go to school and tough it out. (i was figuring it was one of those... my tummy hurts... can i go turn a movie on sort of days, rather than actually feeling sick). about 5 minutes after her first complaint, she "proved" she was sick. poor little thing. and the nasty stomach flu has hit our house. my sweet little baby has been so sick all day long. i'm hoping that it's just the 24 hour flu, and she'll be feeling better soon.

and speaking of little girls...

i figured i'd post a page while i was sitting here at home tending my little patient. this is a picture and a letter of & by my husband's grandma. i just thought the letter was darling. rather than keep it in a box in a closet, it should be out for us to enjoy the sweetness.

Supplies: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics; patterned paper: Making Memories (blue), Collage Press (orange); letter stickers: Making Memories (blue), EK Success (black); paper lace: Creative Imaginations; embroidery floss: DFN; photo corners: Canson; printable transparency: 3M; software: Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Systems; digital butterfly element: Rhonna Farrer,; other: handwritten letter


Camilla Blue said...

the 24 hour flu hit our house this past weekend. eric and i both got TERRIBLY sick. then daniel. daniel seemed to be all done right after ridding his tummy of the yuck. sorry emma has the crud. no fun!

verlos said...

Devon and I hope Emma feels better soon. We also hope that the bug stops at Emma. I love her ladybug pajamas!

Sara Ancich said...

I am really enjoying your 365 pictures. everyday of it. Off to Disneyland tomorrow in the rain. ugh. So much for those dusk pictures you suggested!

Veronica said...

Oh, I hope Emma is feeling better SOON! No fun.
Beautiful LO. What a tribute! Better than sitting in any closet.


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